HR Manager

Collect data and prepare payroll using in-house ERP.

Maintain digital record as well as paperwork for employee data including background checks, medical tests, vaccination record and bank details.

Plan, implement and manage the overall talent acquisition strategy.

Provide counseling and support on policies and procedures.

Perform duties such as job descriptions, job posting and promotion and hiring analytics.

Create, implement and manage onboarding plans.

Identify KPIs for different departments.

Plan and implement training programs.

Assist in performance management and employee evaluation.

Maintaining employee records and paperwork.

Adhere to laws and regulations.

Drawing up plans for future personnel hiring procedures and goals.

IT Support Officer

Install, configure and maintain computer hardware, operating systems, business applications and in house ERP.

Install, configure and maintain attendance machines and printers at factory and branch locations.

Provide IT support to all users as and when necessary.