Does S.Abdul Khaliq produce the best tasting Mithai and Bakery items?
If you answered yes and posses a fiery entrepreneurial spirit then you too can become a S.Abdul Khaliq franchisee. The people we are looking for are a special breed and what sets them apart from others is an unrelenting passion of ‘serving’. We seek franchisees whose qualities embody the spirit of our brand and culture, who share our pride and passion, face challenges with courage and integrity and value family over all else.


Where ever there are celebrations, there is Mithai. Mithai is immutably associated and deeply entrenched with festivities in our culture. S.Abdul Khaliq is the oldest Mithai brand of Pakistan. With roots going back as early as the early 1500s and the Royal Court of the Moghul Emperors.

Mature Business Model
Our products are among the best anywhere in the world and our mature business model has stood the test of times – we are over 175 years old! Our franchise model allows our shops to open at 7am in the morning, with the cry of Fajr Azaan, serving fresh bread and Karachi’s favorite Halwa Puri and close 17 hours later at midnight, all 365 days of the year*.

Training & Development
All franchise owners are given extensive training so they can gain a deep understanding of our business and a firm belief in our ethos. Franchisees are supported with comprehensive training, ongoing development and experience an unsurpassed level of support. Training is also provided in computerized sales and management systems to ensure our franchisees have complete control over day to day operations.

To contact S.Abdul Khaliq, click here. To read about how a franchise application may be submitted click here.

2 thoughts on “Franchising

  1. Good day
    I am interested to get a franchise of your esteem organisation i:e S Abdul Khakiq sweets. I have a corner shop consisting of area 15 x 10 on main National Highway N5 Kala Board business area
    Looking forward to get a favourable reply
    Best regards

  2. Dear sir i am from Islamabad .can you affer a franchise in Islamabad

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