About Us

Our Legacy

Let’s take a magical journey into the past to the glorious days of the Moghul era wherein Humayun, the son of Babar – The Tiger, having been exiled to Persia, tasted our offerings. After recapturing his throne and his lost glory by invading Northern India in 1555, it paved the way for the settlement of our ancestors in the subcontinent. Back in Dehli, Humayun sent for the makers of the halwa which he could not forget and one of the brothers responded. For almost 300 years our ancestors were the official Halwa makers of the royal court!

The taste of our Halwas is so special that the Moghul emperors barred the public from tasting it. It was later in 1830 that Abdul Ghafoor received the permission to share his royal recipes with the general public and opened a shop in Chandni Chowk. These recipes along with a passion to make the best tasting mithai with the finest of ingredients has been handed down the generations. From Abdul Ghafoor to Abdul Hameed; who was also a member of parliament of India and then from Abdul Hameed to Abdul Wahid and then to S. Abdul Khaliq. In the present day, S. Abdul Khaliq’s grandson has been running this family legacy since 2018 and has since expanded to multiple locations across Karachi.